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Enjoy Time Outdoors with HD Night Vision Glasses

Now that the warmer weather is here to stay, many of you are likely finding activities that you can do outdoors again.   Among the many choices that are available to you, two remain quite popular this time of year:  picnics and camping!

HD Night Vision outdoor activities picnic

Having a fun picnic with family and/or friends can be one of the best ways to spend an afternoon together.  They provide fresh air, yummy food, fun activities, and good conversations.  They’re also a great way to slow down and simply enjoy life.  What’s not to love about picnics?

HD Night Vision Wraparounds outdoor activities camping

Camping is another great activity or pastime.  It lets you re-connect with Nature and it’s often a relatively inexpensive way to get a break.  It lets you gaze at the stars and cook your favorite foods around a campfire.  It can provide you with time for more exercise and camping can even help to teach you new skills.

Whether you’re getting ready to attend some picnics that will go to dusk (or later) or you’re planning to do some travelling in the car during some nights of your camping trip, be sure to keep a pair of your HD Night Vision Wraparounds with you.  HD Night Glasses are small enough to fit into a shirt pocket or a tiny purse.  They can fit over your eyeglasses and, best of all, they help you to see better among all the glaring lights!

Celebrate Earth Day with HD Night Vision Glasses!

Earth Day, celebrated on April 22nd, is a day when people come together to show their support for environmental protection.  First celebrated in 1970 among a network of U.S. colleges and schools, Earth Day and is now coordinated globally by the Earth Day Network and it is celebrated in more than 192 countries.

Individuals and groups celebrate Earth Day by going paperless for a day, planting trees, holding educational fairs, cleaning up trash, playing environment-related games or activities, watching environmental-based films, building birdhouses, planting a garden, holding fundraisers, fixing leaky faucets, and installing solar powered lights.

HD Night Vision Glasses Earth Day

Going to an Earth Day related event and travelling home at night? HD Night Vision Glasses invites you to celebrate Earth Day by also making sure you drive safely!  HD Night Vision Wraparounds are top quality, high-definition glasses that can reduce the glare from those annoying headlights and street lights that come with driving at night.  They fit right over your prescription glasses and HD Night Vision Glasses are perfect for all sorts of nighttime weather conditions.

Learn more about HD Night Vision Wraparounds and a have a wonderful Earth Day!


More Night Driving Tips from HD Night Vision!

The idea of taking a drive at night is common for the average driver, but we can get used to things being slightly off and try to compensate for them. This can be dangerous when driving at night.  Here are some pointers from HD Night Vision for making your night drive safer.

Headlight Alignment

Many people drive with misaligned headlights and don’t even realize it. A properly aimed pair of headlights should light up the road sufficiently enough to see 40 feet in front of your car and covering the width of your lane entirely.

Aiming your headlights is easy. Simply wait until dusk or after, and drive your car to a wall that’s on flat ground. Make sure there is about 30 feet between your car and the wall. Turn on your lights and observe where they shine. Your headlights should be pointing to the same height the lights are on your car. They should also be centered and close to each other, but not overlapping.

It’s very easy to aim headlights as they were meant to be aimed. A quick look at your car’s driver’s manual will show you where the adjustment screws or knobs can be found.


HD Night Vision More Driving TipsDim Your Dashboard

Have you ever wondered why that knob that adjusts the brightness of your gauge cluster is there? It’s for dimming during dark hours. When it’s dawn or dusk, it’s not so important, and the higher brightness helps you see the gauges better. When it gets completely dark, however, a bright gauge cluster only acts as interference as your pupils try to adjust to the road, then to your gauges. Your pupils don’t deserve that kind of workout, and they will most likely be more closed than they would be if you didn’t have a bright gauge panel shining directly at you.


Your Mirror is a Prism

Have you ever wondered what that switch on your rear-view mirror is for? Your mirror is actually a prism, acting as a strong reflector and a weak one. If the car behind you is blinding you with their headlights, just flick the switch, and the prism will shift, giving you a clear, but less intense rear view. Some newer cars have automatically adjusting rear view mirrors that switch when it detects bright lights!


Even with these measures, some of those lights at night can be too bright to bear.  And, of course, while we can control some lights in our automobiles, we can’t control those outside of our cars.  Make sure you take – and use – your HD Night Vision Glasses to help reduce those annoying lights and glaring that occur while driving at night.

With these simple tips – and with your HD Night Vision Wraparounds – your night driving experience will be more pleasant, and moreover, it will be much safer for you, your passengers, and other vehicles on the road.


Celebrate the Winter Holidays with HD Night Vision Wraparounds

The winter holidays are about all lights!  The festival of lights, Christmas lights, and lighted candles.

If you’re celebrating Christmas this year there are a number of places in the U.S. who go all out for the holidays. From coast to coast, these communities go to great lengths to make the season bright by decking out their streets with twinkling lights by the thousands—or even millions.


If you’re searching for the more popular places to visit to see the Christmas lights check out the lists below

10 U.S. Towns with Incredible Christmas Celebrations (Fodor’s)

Best Places to Go for Christmas (About Travel)

The 9 Most Christmassy Towns in America (TIME)

Whether you experience a clear night, a rainy night, or a snowy night as you travel to – and from – these magical places, be sure to wear your HD Night Vision Glasses.  Our HD glasses work great in all sorts of nighttime conditions and can help to reduce the glare from oncoming headlights and wet roads.

They also make a great holiday gift for anyone on your list.  Your brother, mother, 2nd cousin twice removed!  :)  Everyone loves HD Night Vision Glasses!

Tips for Driving in Rainy Conditions


HD Night Vision Glasses wants to be sure you’re driving safe, no matter where you’re driving and no matter what weather conditions you find yourself in.  Here are some tips that you can consider that may make driving a bit easier and safer when it’s raining.

  • Allow for more travel time.
  • Keep both hands on the steering wheel at all times.
  • Avoid hard braking or turning sharply.
  • Make sure those headlights are on.
  • Avoid roads known to be easily flooded.
  • Don’t attempt to cross running water.
  • When driving through a puddle of uncertain depth, go slow. If it’s deeper than the bottom of your doors, turn around and find another route.
  • Allow ample stopping distance between you and the cars in front of you.
  • Give a truck or bus extra distance.
  • Avoid using your cruise control.
  • If possible, stay toward the middle of the road to avoid deep standing puddles.
  • If possible, stay off the road during heavy thunderstorms.
  • Avoid splashing pedestrians.

Five Tips for Night Time Driving


In general, driving a car always has an element of danger.  The car could break down, a bad driver could be on the road heading towards you, or the weather may be horrific! For many people driving at night is even more of a concern, but there are many things you can do to make the experience of driving in the dark a lot more comfortable and safe. Here are five tips HD Night Vision Glasses asks you to consider:

1) Make sure your headlights are aligned properly. This is a huge safety factor. It can make the road less visible if the vehicle’s headlights are not properly aligned.

2) Leave more space! Leaving extra space between your car and the one in front of you can make a big difference. This may prevent you from slamming on your breaks at the last minute.  And remember, it can be even harder to tell the actual distances between you and the car in front of you when you’re driving at night.

3) Wear the correct eyewear. HD Night Vision Glasses are proven to reduce glare, enhance color, and provide you with greater clarity.  They’re great for night time driving, snowy conditions and rainy conditions.

4) Scan the road rather than keeping your vision on one spot. This will help keep you alert, and you will be able to tell if there are any furry friends moving out from dark places onto the road.

5) Dim everything! Dim your dashboard panel and instrument lights; this will keep your eyes from getting distracted by interior lighting.

HD Night Vision Glasses are for Co-Driver’s Too!

Driving for long hours often leads to your eyes getting quite tired and there are times when having a co-driver is important. Co-drivers can help by providing you with food, drinks, or directions.  They can also help you to keep an eye on the road, making sure no animals run out in front of you, and helping you to notice important signs.  They also, of course, help the driver considerably by simply providing some conversation during the drive.


But, what if the co-driver is having difficulty seeing in the dark? If the driver is having a hard time seeing, it’s possible the co-driver is as well.  No one likes those bright, headlights coming at you!  It’s also possible that your co-driver has special conditions that make it harder for them to see during night time conditions.  Without proper night time eye wear, your co-driver may not be able to offer you much assistance.

With HD Night Vision Glasses you can help your own eyesight while driving at night AND your co-driver’s eyesight. HD Night Vision Glasses can be worn over glasses comfortably and safely, and they help to reduce that annoying headlight glare.

Help your co-driver help you providing them with a pair of their very own HD Night Vision Glasses!

HD Night Vision Glasses and the Happiest Place on Earth

Every child dreams of going to Disney World in the summer. Disney World means fun, memories, and family-bonding. What makes it even more exciting for children is it doesn’t stop at one park. Disney has four main parks. They have attractions for all ages so both children – and parents – can have loads of fun.


While the thought of taking this vacation can seem like a wonderful idea, it can stress out your wallet. Trips to Disney World can get expensive when you start considering the costs of tickets, airfare, rentals, hotels, etc. One way to reduce the costs is to drive to Florida and make it a fun, family road trip.

Many people driving to Florida drive during daylight and evening hours.  Others try to avoid traffic and prefer to drive only at night.  Driving at night can be stressful when you have all that precious cargo (your partner and kids) in your vehicle.  With HD Night Vision Glasses you can reduce your worries.  HD Night Vision glasses help cut the glare you get from oncoming cars, and it can help differentiate lanes on highways.  With HD Night Vision glasses, you can drive down to that memorable trip feeling safe and secure.

When you arrive at your destination you may find those days at Disney World are often quite long.  You may even stay to watch the Fantasmic show. Driving out of Disney with all that night time traffic can also be difficult so make sure you keep your HD Night Vision glasses handy throughout your whole trip!

With HD Night Vision Glasses you’re prepared for fun all day – and all night – long.  Now you’re ready to experience the “happiest place on earth!”

Driving With the Stars – and HD Night Vision Wraparounds!

Driving is a wonderful thing! It gets us from point A to point B. Sometimes there isn’t even a point B. We just like to go for a ride! But while many of us would prefer to drive during the daylight hours sometimes it’s necessary to go when it’s dark out. That could pose to be more challenging because there is more risk involved. The good news is that there are simple steps that can be taken to make the driving easier and safer.


For one, it’s essential to protect your vision and make sure you can see clearly. Intense glare from an oncoming vehicle can be dangerous because it could disrupt your line of sight. HD Night Vision Glasses will allow you to see crisper edges and filter bright lights at night. They are designed to work with or without prescriptive eyeware. HD Wraparounds can comfortably fit right over other glasses, wrapping around so that peripheral vision is covered with these special lenses too – keeping eyes from having to adjust when they’re focused.

Turning up the radio can be entertaining but be aware of volume levels because if the objective is to stay more alert, this could have the opposite effect. It’s very important to be able to hear sounds such as sirens or the horn of another vehicle. Paying too much attention to what you’re listening to can dim your other senses to what is around you.

Scent is another detail that is often overlooked when it comes to optimizing alertness when driving at night. Lavender is known for enhancing relaxation so it would be best to avoid using lavender scented products such as soaps or hand lotions. There are scents which are said to increase alertness, such as peppermint, which may be worth considering and can be easily found in readily available items such as peppermint candies or herbal tea – or you can purchase a small glass bottle of peppermint oil, wherever essential oils are sold, to keep with you.

By taking these small steps, your nighttime driving experience can be changed for the better in ways that you may never have expected. During the day, keep your HD Night Vision Wraparounds in your glove compartment along with a few peppermints – and be prepared for hitting the road whole those stars are out!

HD Night Vision Glasses and Night Time Concert Events


What could be more relaxing then sprawling out on a blanket outside, listening to some really enjoyable music and having a delightful snack while gazing up at the stars in the night sky? It’s that time of year for outdoor Spring/Summer concerts – a great way to experience some of your favorite music and get together with some of your favorite people.

Here are a few pointers to help make the most of your evening, so you can best enjoy the musical events:

  • Take some insect repellent – there are all kinds that are readily available in stores.
  • Bring a blanket – comfort is important so make sure your blanket will hold up if lawn is damp or lumpy.
  • Consider a picnic – sandwiches, fresh fruit, cheese and crackers, cold soups (such as vichyssoise or gazpacho) and chilled beverages are always refreshing in warm weather. Just make sure the venue allows for food to be brought in before packing your basket.
  • Need some light: Flashlight – always a good idea to bring a small compact one for bathroom breaks or in case you drop your keys.
  • Reduce the lights: HD Night Vision Glasses can reduce uncomfortable glare from those oncoming headlights that exist on the road while going to – or leaving from – a concert. Keep them in your glove compartment so you’re prepared.
  • Bring binoculars – to help see the band!

Usually, lawn-ticket holders arrive during daylight or dusk, allowing time to set up your spot before the show starts. As the sunlight starts to disappear, HD Night Vision Wraparounds can support your vision and let your view stay sharp as the light fades. For the ride home, HD Night Vision Glasses will soothe tired eyes by reducing uncomfortable glare from headlights.

Check your area’s local listing for upcoming musical events or concerts and plan for some Summer fun!