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Get Hopping this Easter with HD Night Vision Wraparounds!

HD Night Vision and Easter

Hippity-hop! Easter is almost here!

It’s time for colored eggs, baby chicks, bunny rabbits, church services, Easter hats, jelly beans, and – of course – Easter baskets.

Get creative this year as you plan out your Easter baskets!  Are you creating one for your father or grandfather?  Fill it with his favorite sports-related or automobile-related items and give his basket an extra, special touch with his very own HD Night Vision Glasses.  Are you creating an Easter basket for your mother or grandmother.  If so, feel her basket with her favorite food items, makeup, and/or jewelry and top it off with – you guessed it – her own pair of HD Night Vision Glasses.

From all of us here at HD Night Vision Glasses….have a wonderful Easter!  If you heading out to Easter Saturday night – or Easter Sunrise – services, be sure to take your own HD Night Vision Wraparounds with you!


Staying Alert on a Long Nighttime Drive

When taking a long drive at night, the drive, itself, could make you tired. Consider these tips from HD Night Vision before you head out on the road:

HD Night Vision Glasses and Staying Alert

Cruise Control

While convenient, after a few hours, you might settle in to the convenience so much that you begin to drift off. If you find yourself getting sleepy, turn cruise control off and use the challenge of maintaining speed to keep you awake.

Stay Hydrated, for Two Reasons

Having a beverage, especially coffee or a caffeinated soft drink, is the best type to have on a long drive, but any will do. It not only will keep you hydrated and your body in top shape, but it could also lead to a rest stop, forcing you to get out of the car and perk up a bit.

Don’t Become Hypnotized by Reflectors

Many highways and roads use reflectors to delineate lanes or directions. These reflectors are quite good at what they do, and the pretty yellow lights can do a great job of putting you to sleep. Almost like yellow sheep, your eyes get heavy. This is because of watching the reflectors that are too close to your car. They appear to move faster than the more distant ones, so if you look out into the distance, you’ll stand much less chance of being sent to sleep.  Also, use your HD Night Vision Glasses to reduce the effects of the reflection!

Crank It Up

Naturally, some loud music will keep you from sleeping. Make a playlist of loud, imposing music specifically for staying awake if you get tired. Anything from Rock to Punk to a ripping symphony by Wagner or Mozart will do.

Don’t Push Your Limits….

If you’re simply too tired to drive, find any sort of place to pull to the side – a hard or soft shoulder. Put on your hazard lights, and take a nap.  Sometimes you can park with the tractor trailers to afford you more protection from any highway traffic. The whole point is to keep you and any others alive and safe. If you’re really tired, sleep and keep it safe!

More Night Driving Tips from HD Night Vision!

The idea of taking a drive at night is common for the average driver, but we can get used to things being slightly off and try to compensate for them. This can be dangerous when driving at night.  Here are some pointers from HD Night Vision for making your night drive safer.

Headlight Alignment

Many people drive with misaligned headlights and don’t even realize it. A properly aimed pair of headlights should light up the road sufficiently enough to see 40 feet in front of your car and covering the width of your lane entirely.

Aiming your headlights is easy. Simply wait until dusk or after, and drive your car to a wall that’s on flat ground. Make sure there is about 30 feet between your car and the wall. Turn on your lights and observe where they shine. Your headlights should be pointing to the same height the lights are on your car. They should also be centered and close to each other, but not overlapping.

It’s very easy to aim headlights as they were meant to be aimed. A quick look at your car’s driver’s manual will show you where the adjustment screws or knobs can be found.


HD Night Vision More Driving TipsDim Your Dashboard

Have you ever wondered why that knob that adjusts the brightness of your gauge cluster is there? It’s for dimming during dark hours. When it’s dawn or dusk, it’s not so important, and the higher brightness helps you see the gauges better. When it gets completely dark, however, a bright gauge cluster only acts as interference as your pupils try to adjust to the road, then to your gauges. Your pupils don’t deserve that kind of workout, and they will most likely be more closed than they would be if you didn’t have a bright gauge panel shining directly at you.


Your Mirror is a Prism

Have you ever wondered what that switch on your rear-view mirror is for? Your mirror is actually a prism, acting as a strong reflector and a weak one. If the car behind you is blinding you with their headlights, just flick the switch, and the prism will shift, giving you a clear, but less intense rear view. Some newer cars have automatically adjusting rear view mirrors that switch when it detects bright lights!


Even with these measures, some of those lights at night can be too bright to bear.  And, of course, while we can control some lights in our automobiles, we can’t control those outside of our cars.  Make sure you take – and use – your HD Night Vision Glasses to help reduce those annoying lights and glaring that occur while driving at night.

With these simple tips – and with your HD Night Vision Wraparounds – your night driving experience will be more pleasant, and moreover, it will be much safer for you, your passengers, and other vehicles on the road.


Start the New Year with HD Night Vision Glasses

Welcome to 2016!   It’s a new year and a time for resolutions.  Some of the best resolutions are those that improve your life and the lives of those you love.  Why not create a 2016 resolution to help you – and your loved ones – stay safe of the road?


Here are some tips to keep in mind as you travel during the winter months:

Check Your Cooling System

When coolant freezes, it expands. This expansion can potentially damage your vehicle’s engine block.  Don’t let this happen to your vehicle this winter.  Make sure you have enough coolant in your vehicle and that it’s designed to withstand the winter temperatures.  Also make sure you check the cooling system for leaks.


Check Your Battery

When the temperature drops, so does battery power. For gasoline-powered engines, it takes more battery power to start your vehicle in cold weather than in warmer weather. For electric and hybrid vehicles, the driving range is reduced and the battery systems work better after they warm up. Make sure your battery is ready for winter by checking for sufficient voltage, inspecting the charging system and belts, replacing the battery or making system repairs (if necessary), and making sure the battery cable connections are tight and secure.


Check Your Windows

Safe winter driving depends on achieving and maintaining the best visibility possible.  Some tips: Make sure there are no large cracks in any of your windows, make sure your windshield wipers work, replace worn wipes blades, use “no-freeze” windshield washer fluid, make sure the reservoir is full, and make sure your window defrosters (front and rear) work properly.   You can also increase your visibility by making sure you keep a pair of HD Night Vision Glasses in all of your vehicles.  HD Night Vision Wraparounds fit over prescription glasses and reduce the glare from wet roads, strong sun on the snow, and on-coming headlights and street lights.


Stars Galore for HD Night Vision Glasses

Carol Wright Gifts customers are singing their praises for our HD Night Vision Wraparounds.

Here are just some of the positive reviews that are found on the page dedicated to HD Night Vision Glasses:

“I used to hate driving at night because of the oncoming glare of headlights and rainy nights, yet with these over my glasses I can see so much better! I recommend them for anyone with or without prescription glasses.” – Cathy, Western NY

“I have trouble seeing at night from headlights coming toward me. With these glasses I can see great and no longer worry about being in an accident because I can’t see clearly.” – Nana Debbie, Colorado Springs

“Used primary for driving.  Excellent for riding my bike on the park trails.” – bikerjoe, pasadena md

“Cuts the light glare at night and when raining. I have several friends who can now drive at night because of these glasses. I have bought 6 pair as gifts for friends who have had to quit driving at night. They have all been very pleased with them.” Gramms6, Decatur. IL

“Helps to reduce glare especially on rainy nights, also good for driving in snowy conditions.”  Drew, Ashland NH

Overall, these HD Night Vision Glasses customers give HD Night Vision 4.4 (out of 5) stars!



Nighttime Driving and HD Night Vision Glasses

Nighttime driving brings complications that are different from driving during the day. Many accidents happen during the evening rush hour so it’s important to take precautions wherever possible to avoid problems.


Here are some suggestions for a safer ride:

  • Check your headlights: make sure that your bulbs are working properly, aimed correctly and free of dirt or grime that could dull brightness.
  • Dim your dashboard: lower the brightness of lighting to reduce distractions and maximum your forward vision. This applies to your GPS too.
  • Avoid glaring lights: do not stare into oncoming lights as this will disrupt your line of sight. Also, adjust the rearview mirror if the lights from a vehicle behind you are constant and distracting.
  • Support your eyes: wear HD Night Wraparounds to reduce glare and keep your line of focus sharp. These glasses are designed to fit comfortably over eyeglasses or can be worn solo.
  • Make sure windshield wipers are in good shape and wiper-fluid is available: wipers wear down with use and lose their effectiveness to wipe the windshield clean, sometimes smearing debris and worsening clarity. Replace blades regularly.
  • Keep side-view mirrors clean and adjusted properly: dirtier mirrors create a wider and diffused area of light reflecting a vehicle behind you. Clean mirrors to see properly and consider aiming mirrors lower to reduce glare.
  • Be aware of sets of reflective spots: this is usually the first indication that an animal is on the road and what you are first seeing is the glow of the lights reflecting in the eyes of an animal.

Most importantly, don’t ever drive if you are feeling tired and not alert and avoid any unnecessary distractions wherever possible. Something as seemingly harmless as snacking while driving is very different than during daylight hours because it’s harder to see inside your car.

So put on your HD Night Glasses , keep your focus on the road, stop when needed to refresh and refuel and play it safe.