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Staying Alert on a Long Nighttime Drive

When taking a long drive at night, the drive, itself, could make you tired. Consider these tips from HD Night Vision before you head out on the road:

HD Night Vision Glasses and Staying Alert

Cruise Control

While convenient, after a few hours, you might settle in to the convenience so much that you begin to drift off. If you find yourself getting sleepy, turn cruise control off and use the challenge of maintaining speed to keep you awake.

Stay Hydrated, for Two Reasons

Having a beverage, especially coffee or a caffeinated soft drink, is the best type to have on a long drive, but any will do. It not only will keep you hydrated and your body in top shape, but it could also lead to a rest stop, forcing you to get out of the car and perk up a bit.

Don’t Become Hypnotized by Reflectors

Many highways and roads use reflectors to delineate lanes or directions. These reflectors are quite good at what they do, and the pretty yellow lights can do a great job of putting you to sleep. Almost like yellow sheep, your eyes get heavy. This is because of watching the reflectors that are too close to your car. They appear to move faster than the more distant ones, so if you look out into the distance, you’ll stand much less chance of being sent to sleep.  Also, use your HD Night Vision Glasses to reduce the effects of the reflection!

Crank It Up

Naturally, some loud music will keep you from sleeping. Make a playlist of loud, imposing music specifically for staying awake if you get tired. Anything from Rock to Punk to a ripping symphony by Wagner or Mozart will do.

Don’t Push Your Limits….

If you’re simply too tired to drive, find any sort of place to pull to the side – a hard or soft shoulder. Put on your hazard lights, and take a nap.  Sometimes you can park with the tractor trailers to afford you more protection from any highway traffic. The whole point is to keep you and any others alive and safe. If you’re really tired, sleep and keep it safe!