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Celebrate Dad this Year with HD Night Vision Wraparounds!


Happy Father’s Day from HD Night Vision!  Celebrate “dear ole’ Dad” this year by giving him his very own pair of HD Night Vision Glasses.

HD Night Vision Wraparounds will improve color, clarity and optical definition, so Dad can see better when driving at night.  The special anti-glare HD Night Vision lenses will reduce eye strain and glare from traffic lights, headlights, and streetlights; and in both wet and dark conditions.  Your father can even put his HD Night Wraparounds right over his prescription glasses!

Pick up a pair of HD Night Vision Glasses today and give Dad a gift you know he’ll really appreciate all year-around!

Staying Alert on a Long Nighttime Drive

When taking a long drive at night, the drive, itself, could make you tired. Consider these tips from HD Night Vision before you head out on the road:

HD Night Vision Glasses and Staying Alert

Cruise Control

While convenient, after a few hours, you might settle in to the convenience so much that you begin to drift off. If you find yourself getting sleepy, turn cruise control off and use the challenge of maintaining speed to keep you awake.

Stay Hydrated, for Two Reasons

Having a beverage, especially coffee or a caffeinated soft drink, is the best type to have on a long drive, but any will do. It not only will keep you hydrated and your body in top shape, but it could also lead to a rest stop, forcing you to get out of the car and perk up a bit.

Don’t Become Hypnotized by Reflectors

Many highways and roads use reflectors to delineate lanes or directions. These reflectors are quite good at what they do, and the pretty yellow lights can do a great job of putting you to sleep. Almost like yellow sheep, your eyes get heavy. This is because of watching the reflectors that are too close to your car. They appear to move faster than the more distant ones, so if you look out into the distance, you’ll stand much less chance of being sent to sleep.  Also, use your HD Night Vision Glasses to reduce the effects of the reflection!

Crank It Up

Naturally, some loud music will keep you from sleeping. Make a playlist of loud, imposing music specifically for staying awake if you get tired. Anything from Rock to Punk to a ripping symphony by Wagner or Mozart will do.

Don’t Push Your Limits….

If you’re simply too tired to drive, find any sort of place to pull to the side – a hard or soft shoulder. Put on your hazard lights, and take a nap.  Sometimes you can park with the tractor trailers to afford you more protection from any highway traffic. The whole point is to keep you and any others alive and safe. If you’re really tired, sleep and keep it safe!

More Night Driving Tips from HD Night Vision!

The idea of taking a drive at night is common for the average driver, but we can get used to things being slightly off and try to compensate for them. This can be dangerous when driving at night.  Here are some pointers from HD Night Vision for making your night drive safer.

Headlight Alignment

Many people drive with misaligned headlights and don’t even realize it. A properly aimed pair of headlights should light up the road sufficiently enough to see 40 feet in front of your car and covering the width of your lane entirely.

Aiming your headlights is easy. Simply wait until dusk or after, and drive your car to a wall that’s on flat ground. Make sure there is about 30 feet between your car and the wall. Turn on your lights and observe where they shine. Your headlights should be pointing to the same height the lights are on your car. They should also be centered and close to each other, but not overlapping.

It’s very easy to aim headlights as they were meant to be aimed. A quick look at your car’s driver’s manual will show you where the adjustment screws or knobs can be found.


HD Night Vision More Driving TipsDim Your Dashboard

Have you ever wondered why that knob that adjusts the brightness of your gauge cluster is there? It’s for dimming during dark hours. When it’s dawn or dusk, it’s not so important, and the higher brightness helps you see the gauges better. When it gets completely dark, however, a bright gauge cluster only acts as interference as your pupils try to adjust to the road, then to your gauges. Your pupils don’t deserve that kind of workout, and they will most likely be more closed than they would be if you didn’t have a bright gauge panel shining directly at you.


Your Mirror is a Prism

Have you ever wondered what that switch on your rear-view mirror is for? Your mirror is actually a prism, acting as a strong reflector and a weak one. If the car behind you is blinding you with their headlights, just flick the switch, and the prism will shift, giving you a clear, but less intense rear view. Some newer cars have automatically adjusting rear view mirrors that switch when it detects bright lights!


Even with these measures, some of those lights at night can be too bright to bear.  And, of course, while we can control some lights in our automobiles, we can’t control those outside of our cars.  Make sure you take – and use – your HD Night Vision Glasses to help reduce those annoying lights and glaring that occur while driving at night.

With these simple tips – and with your HD Night Vision Wraparounds – your night driving experience will be more pleasant, and moreover, it will be much safer for you, your passengers, and other vehicles on the road.


Tackle Black Friday with HD Night Vision


Black Friday is the day following Thanksgiving Day in the United States.  It has been regarded as the beginning of the Christmas shopping season in the US since the 1930’s  Most major retailers open very early on Black Friday and many open during overnight hours (or even late on Thanksgiving Day).

When you’re out shopping this year be sure to be safe by following these tips:

Shopping in Stores

  • Don’t flash the cash. Consider alternate options to pay for your merchandise, such as one-time or multi-use disposable credit cards.
  • Wait until asked by a cashier before taking out your credit card or checkbook.
  • Save all receipts. Print and save all confirmations from your online purchases. Start a file folder to keep all receipts together and to help you verify credit card or bank statements as they come in.
  • Do not buy more than you can carry. Plan ahead by taking a friend with you! Shopping is more fun with a friend, anyway.

Walking to and From Your Car

  • Be aware of your surroundings.
  • Have your keys in hand when approaching your vehicle. Check the back seat and around the car before getting in.
  • Deter pickpockets. Carry your purse close to your body or your wallet inside a coat or front trouser pocket.
  • Do not leave packages visible in your car. Lock them in the trunk, or if possible, take them directly home.
  • Tell a security guard or store employee if you see an unattended bag or package.
  • When driving to and from stores be sure to keep your HD Night Vision Glasses with you. Between all the store lights, holiday lights, and all the car traffic Black Friday brings, there will be tons of glare.

Driving With the Stars – and HD Night Vision Wraparounds!

Driving is a wonderful thing! It gets us from point A to point B. Sometimes there isn’t even a point B. We just like to go for a ride! But while many of us would prefer to drive during the daylight hours sometimes it’s necessary to go when it’s dark out. That could pose to be more challenging because there is more risk involved. The good news is that there are simple steps that can be taken to make the driving easier and safer.


For one, it’s essential to protect your vision and make sure you can see clearly. Intense glare from an oncoming vehicle can be dangerous because it could disrupt your line of sight. HD Night Vision Glasses will allow you to see crisper edges and filter bright lights at night. They are designed to work with or without prescriptive eyeware. HD Wraparounds can comfortably fit right over other glasses, wrapping around so that peripheral vision is covered with these special lenses too – keeping eyes from having to adjust when they’re focused.

Turning up the radio can be entertaining but be aware of volume levels because if the objective is to stay more alert, this could have the opposite effect. It’s very important to be able to hear sounds such as sirens or the horn of another vehicle. Paying too much attention to what you’re listening to can dim your other senses to what is around you.

Scent is another detail that is often overlooked when it comes to optimizing alertness when driving at night. Lavender is known for enhancing relaxation so it would be best to avoid using lavender scented products such as soaps or hand lotions. There are scents which are said to increase alertness, such as peppermint, which may be worth considering and can be easily found in readily available items such as peppermint candies or herbal tea – or you can purchase a small glass bottle of peppermint oil, wherever essential oils are sold, to keep with you.

By taking these small steps, your nighttime driving experience can be changed for the better in ways that you may never have expected. During the day, keep your HD Night Vision Wraparounds in your glove compartment along with a few peppermints – and be prepared for hitting the road whole those stars are out!

HD Night Vision Glasses and Night Time Concert Events


What could be more relaxing then sprawling out on a blanket outside, listening to some really enjoyable music and having a delightful snack while gazing up at the stars in the night sky? It’s that time of year for outdoor Spring/Summer concerts – a great way to experience some of your favorite music and get together with some of your favorite people.

Here are a few pointers to help make the most of your evening, so you can best enjoy the musical events:

  • Take some insect repellent – there are all kinds that are readily available in stores.
  • Bring a blanket – comfort is important so make sure your blanket will hold up if lawn is damp or lumpy.
  • Consider a picnic – sandwiches, fresh fruit, cheese and crackers, cold soups (such as vichyssoise or gazpacho) and chilled beverages are always refreshing in warm weather. Just make sure the venue allows for food to be brought in before packing your basket.
  • Need some light: Flashlight – always a good idea to bring a small compact one for bathroom breaks or in case you drop your keys.
  • Reduce the lights: HD Night Vision Glasses can reduce uncomfortable glare from those oncoming headlights that exist on the road while going to – or leaving from – a concert. Keep them in your glove compartment so you’re prepared.
  • Bring binoculars – to help see the band!

Usually, lawn-ticket holders arrive during daylight or dusk, allowing time to set up your spot before the show starts. As the sunlight starts to disappear, HD Night Vision Wraparounds can support your vision and let your view stay sharp as the light fades. For the ride home, HD Night Vision Glasses will soothe tired eyes by reducing uncomfortable glare from headlights.

Check your area’s local listing for upcoming musical events or concerts and plan for some Summer fun!

HD Night Vision Glasses and an Evening at the Drive-In

hd-night-vision-wraparounds-drive-in-theatersWhat seemed to be a fading pastime of American pop culture has been making a bit of a comeback! “Welcome back” drive-in movie theaters! These theaters are popping up – or being unshuttered and revived – in towns all across the country. It seems nostalgia might not be the only reason why people are drawn back to the drive-in: these theaters offer a kind of freedom that allows people to relax and do things they couldn’t do in a standard indoor multiplex.

Here are some great things about drive-ins:

  • You can bring in your own food or choose to go buy something there.
  • The whole family can go together. It’s very kid-friendly!
  • Pillows and blankets will make movie watching nice and cozy.
  • You won’t offend anyone but the people in your car if you absolutely must check your cell phone.
  • It’s a gathering place where friends can socialize.
  • You can keep an eye out for shooting stars while watching your movie.
  • You can continue watching the movie if you decide to step out for some fresh air.
  • It’s ok to chat during the show.
  • The drive-in offers a communal experience where people can re-connect with family and friends.

Check your local area for the nearest drive-in and make sure to take along your HD Night Vision Glasses so you won’t have to be uncomfortable during the drive to or from the drive-in. And no one loves the brightness of all those headlights as cars mass exit the area. HD Night Vision Wraparounds also help to keep scenery details crisp before the movie starts and as dusk sets in.

So sit back, enjoy the movie, and the rides to and from the theater. Check out this links for more information on drive-ins and HD Night Vision Glasses:  http://www.history.com/this-day-in-history/first-drive-in-movie-theater-opens

Nighttime Driving and HD Night Vision Glasses

Nighttime driving brings complications that are different from driving during the day. Many accidents happen during the evening rush hour so it’s important to take precautions wherever possible to avoid problems.


Here are some suggestions for a safer ride:

  • Check your headlights: make sure that your bulbs are working properly, aimed correctly and free of dirt or grime that could dull brightness.
  • Dim your dashboard: lower the brightness of lighting to reduce distractions and maximum your forward vision. This applies to your GPS too.
  • Avoid glaring lights: do not stare into oncoming lights as this will disrupt your line of sight. Also, adjust the rearview mirror if the lights from a vehicle behind you are constant and distracting.
  • Support your eyes: wear HD Night Wraparounds to reduce glare and keep your line of focus sharp. These glasses are designed to fit comfortably over eyeglasses or can be worn solo.
  • Make sure windshield wipers are in good shape and wiper-fluid is available: wipers wear down with use and lose their effectiveness to wipe the windshield clean, sometimes smearing debris and worsening clarity. Replace blades regularly.
  • Keep side-view mirrors clean and adjusted properly: dirtier mirrors create a wider and diffused area of light reflecting a vehicle behind you. Clean mirrors to see properly and consider aiming mirrors lower to reduce glare.
  • Be aware of sets of reflective spots: this is usually the first indication that an animal is on the road and what you are first seeing is the glow of the lights reflecting in the eyes of an animal.

Most importantly, don’t ever drive if you are feeling tired and not alert and avoid any unnecessary distractions wherever possible. Something as seemingly harmless as snacking while driving is very different than during daylight hours because it’s harder to see inside your car.

So put on your HD Night Glasses , keep your focus on the road, stop when needed to refresh and refuel and play it safe.